Dawn in the garden

An enchanted garden spread out nearby. The garden full of abundance of flowers and plants. Which is sleeping now with a white veil on its eyes. There is no more blossoming flowers. Everything there is sleeping. But garden doesn’t become less magical or less beautiful. It is still as wonderful as it was, but in new white palette.

I was in nativeland, when suddenly I noticed that amazing garden right in front of me. I took art supplies and run as fast as I can to draw it immediately.

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Winter Landscape

What comes to your mind when you hear word “winter”? Maybe your thoughts send you into the native city, where you spend all childhood, playing with kids in snowballs and making funny snowmans. Or maybe you remember cozy atmosphere before the Christmas . When all family members dress up christmas tree, and wish everybody good luck and happiness.

I am really into winter, but more than winter I like to paint it. Especially Motherland’s views, where my memories years as a kid arousing.

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