Carpathians is very popular place to go on vacation in Ukraine. Ukrainians like to go there because of the beauty of nature and cleanness of the air. Also in winter you can go skiing or snowboarding and even conquer the highest mountain in Ukraine called Hoverla. Actually you can find Carpathians not only in Ukraine but also in Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. But I haven’t been in any of these countries, so I can talk only about Ukraines’ part of these huge mountains.

I have been in Carpathians because of the plein air, which was organized by my teachers in art school. We went there on train. It was hot inside and way has taken about a day, but it was worth it. Environment there is really incredible. I’d like to go there some day again. I fell in love with Carpathians, so I can’t forget them.

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Every time when I can’t find inspiration I come to the waterside. No matter where I am, I’ll find this blissful place, where I can recharge myself. Because it is important to return the power of creation back. No one can work continuously and this is OK. So I hope everyone has that one precious place.

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